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Grace isn’t half time show Christianity.

Football players follow their coach, not the leader of the half time show. Follow and obey Coach Jesus! If you’re stuck in religious half time, get back in God’s game and play your heart out every day for Coach Jesus! … Continue reading

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Biblical Christianity isn’t a theater. It’s a gym.

I was lying in bed from four this morning with a powerful thought running through my mind over and over. I was frustrated because I just wanted to go back to sleep. Suddenly these words came strongly into my mind. … Continue reading

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Does your heart dance with Jesus?

Sermons can’t teach you to dance with the living Jesus. Let Him have your heart and lead you to always follow His steps. An unwilling heart won’t dance with Jesus. It avoids His presence. Hearing and saying religious words doesn’t … Continue reading

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Closed-hearted Christianity is counterfeit

Let God who opened wide the Red Sea open wide your heart! Dare to make the inner click to load the risen Jesus into your heart giving Him full permission to make His changes within you. Closed-hearted Christianity is counterfeit. … Continue reading

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A Christian worship gathering was first called . . .?

The first Christians didn’t call their gatherings “synagogue” like the Rabbi-led Jewish meeting, but “ekklesia” like the democratic Greek town hall meeting. Gradually the early Christian gatherings turned away from the democratic ekklesia model and embraced the hierarchical synagogue model. … Continue reading

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Christians at church? Passive hound dogs or obedient sheepdogs?

Should a Christians be like a hound dog asleep on a porch or like a sheepdog obeying his master? I believe that attunement to Jesus’ voice or the lack thereof (whether we’re like a lazy hound dog or an obedient … Continue reading

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Reality Christianity gives TV (True Vision)

It’s time for reality Christianity where ordinary people follow and obey the living Jesus with honesty, humility, and holiness. Reality Christianity is the risen Jesus living inside and through ordinary people who follow and obey His inner promptings. Reality Christianity … Continue reading

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Spirit-led to focus on, follow, & glorify Jesus

We can’t be Spirit-ledIf we’re unwillingTo move ahead. Christians who don’t learn to be led by the Spirit are missing out on what it means to be a child of God. (See Romans 8:14.) If Christians won’t learn to be … Continue reading

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God’s free elevator ride

I believe that God’s salvation is like an elevator ride from the basement to the top floor of a huge skyscraper. Jesus is my elevator. I got in Christ years ago. I’m abiding in Christ now and if I don’t … Continue reading

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Religious choreography or joyous heart-felt celebration?

When words are said With the head But not the heart, Liturgy’s dead! Liturgy Is religious Choreography, Scripted words That can be parroted Without deep feeling Of their real meaning! Prayer’s not just words That you share With God. It’s … Continue reading

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