HOPE poster

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Welcome! My name is C.J., and I am an Artist. I am heading up a new collaborative project, that is solely about HOPE. The word, the idea, the benefits and/or consequences of it…

What does HOPE mean in our language? What does HOPE mean to you? How has HOPE manifested itself in your life? Is HOPE always a good thing/bad thing?

Tell us a story. Write a definition. Tell us about HOPE in your life. You can include your name if you wish, or make up a name to suit yourself. We want to hear about you, and what you think.

Click on Hope Thoughts and leave a comment or reply to one that’s already there.

This is a study into how HOPE is viewed, changed, and experienced. We hope to gain a fuller understanding of how HOPE works and what it is in reading what you post. It is a complicated subject, and changes constantly. We also hope that people can draw inspiration, or perhaps even glimpse a sense of caution by seeing how HOPE manifests itself in others’ experiences.

If you wish to send us a story privately, email cj@hopethoughts.com

Please feel free to explore and write on the subject of HOPE, and on the HOPE Thoughts page.

Rest assured, we will read it.

Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for your stories!