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Free gas for your heart-tank

If Jesus has touched your life that’s good. If it’s been a while since He touched your heart, you may be running on empty! Jesus offers free gas for your heart-tank. Let Him fill you daily! A Christian who keeps … Continue reading

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Do Christians need a defibrillator?

Lord, defibrillate my heart. Revive me to the awareness of Your presence and Your prompts. Cause my heart to begin to beat in sync with You. Christians need God’s defibrillator! Too many Christians are unaware of and unresponsive to the … Continue reading

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A closed heart creates “I-solatioion” & “lone-me-ness”

Heart wallsPrevent usFrom hearingHeart calls. When a human heart breaks insight enters into it, but too often people cling to the pain and push out the light. Jealously indicates a closed heart. Being happy for other people’s good fortune reveals … Continue reading

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Open up the private prison of your closed heart

If you will startTo reveal your heartYou’ll soon discoverThat people aren’tVery far apart. Open hearted interaction with people creates beautiful interpersonal connections. Privacy prevents them. Fear of pain or rejection prevents many people from experiencing the daily joys of an … Continue reading

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If you cling to the vine, you’ll be fine!

Jesus is the vine,We are the branches.If we don’t stay connectedWe’ll be mostly unaffectedBy His presence and power. Continually upgradeYour connectionWith Jesus,Refuse to evadeHis presence.Never let Him fadeFrom your awareness. Many Christians live like they’re plugged into a powerless religious … Continue reading

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Good works, faith-rest, and a rubber squeeze coin purse

Your heart is like a football-shaped rubber squeeze coin purse. If you won’t work to continually hold it open to God and to other people, it will suddenly snap shut. Much that is called Christianity is merely human effort and … Continue reading

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Compassionate sensitivity (life’s ignored superpower)

It takes inner strength to maintain a sensitive heart. The weak attempt to protect their heart by hardening it. Compassionate sensitivity is life’s ignored superpower! Heart-felt caring works miracles! When life seems heartless, refuse to let it make you heartless. … Continue reading

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Insults, race, disagreement, politics, and history

It takes no brains, no heart, and no character to call someone a demeaning name. However, if you feel a need to insult people who disagree with you, perhaps you’re not very secure in your beliefs. It’s easier to insult … Continue reading

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If you haven’t heard, perhaps your being herded

If you haven’t heard Christ’s living words burning in your heart, it’s easy to follow the herd. Are you being herded? When God blazes a new trail in your heart, it often creates a mismatch with religious tradition. Jesus’ way or … Continue reading

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The beach ball in my heart . . .

The Beach Ball In My Heart –When life shoves me under And tries to hold me down, The beach ball in my heart Comes bounding back, Thrusting me to the surface Like a jack-in-the-box And keeping me afloat, Displacing sadness with … Continue reading

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