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Beyond human control to Spirit control

Jesus gave up positional authority and became a servant, yet He has more followers than anyone in history. He is at the top of the authority pyramid in the body of Christ. All the rest of us are servants on … Continue reading

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A Christian worship gathering was first called . . .?

The first Christians didn’t call their gatherings “synagogue” like the Rabbi-led Jewish meeting, but “ekklesia” like the democratic Greek town hall meeting. Gradually the early Christian gatherings turned away from the democratic ekklesia model and embraced the hierarchical synagogue model. … Continue reading

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Experience an actual demonstration of hearing Jesus (Zoom or in person)

An invitation to experience an ekklesia (1 Corinthians 14:26) meeting with me: You and one or more people who are hungry for more of Jesus are invited to meet with me and one or more spiritually hungry people on Zoom … Continue reading

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Can a worship gathering be “a stench to God?”

I read this last night: “I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to Me.” (Amos 5:21.) It made me realize that God doesn’t like every Christian gathering. I felt prompted to post it, and to … Continue reading

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Together let’s move in sync with God’s Spirit

A major problem with the institutional church is that one leader is often given the authority to override the Holy Spirit. When worship was turned into a never-ending series of weekly lectures by a single expert, Christianity lost much of … Continue reading

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Blowing in the wind of ekklesia

The First Spirit-Led, Christ-Centered Town Hall Meeting (Ekklesia) Was Windy! The sound of mighty rushing windSpread visible spiritual fireTo all of Jesus’ gathered disciplesOpening their mouthsWith supernatural wordsAnd giving them boldnessTo hit the streetsRejoicing withThe living JesusSo that peopleFrom around … Continue reading

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Body-life: seeing the body of Christ in action (on a sheep farm)

Experiencing the Holy Spirit as a gathered people requires a group openness to the Holy Spirit. We need to surrender our plans, programs, agendas, and control and instead trust the living Jesus to actively lead us and direct us like … Continue reading

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If the Son is risen, let’s meet to let Him lead us!

Attending a Sunday showAbout JesusIsn’t the sameAs gatheringTo go with His flow. Water that doesn’t flow becomes stagnant and unpleasant. So do Christians who don’t let Jesus continually flow thru their heart. If church belongs to Jesus, why don’t we … Continue reading

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Thoughts about worship / worship is beyond thoughts

To hear a talk about worship without expressing adoration to Jesus, misses the point. A Sunday program is a poor substitute for passionate, heart-driven adoration of God. Christian teaching “ascribes” glory to God but heart-felt worship actively adores Him. Worship … Continue reading

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Return from institutional exile back to ekklesia

God is releasing a heart-longing for a return to ekklesia (early Christianity before it was organized into an institution). When ekklesia was replaced by institution, Christians began focusing on following procedures more than on obeying the risen Jesus. It costs … Continue reading

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