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Spiritual baby food is good for a season, but not for a lifetime!

When presentation and pretense are prioritized above the spontaneity of Christ’s presence, religious organization overrides the Holy Spirit. History reveals that when revival (a mighty move of God) starts, established churches work to curtail, coral, and control it. So many … Continue reading

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“A mature follower of Jesus”

Someone asked me to describe “a mature follower of Jesus.” Here’s my attempt at that: Christianity’s about exchanging self-life for Christ-life. It’s about replacing self-focus with Christ-focus. A full follower of Jesus can boldly testify along with Paul, “the energy … Continue reading

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What’s a Christian elder?

Christianity today needs leadership that is based on spiritually mature people leading by example instead of by positional authority. We need seasoned people who can demonstrate and train others to be actively and continually led by the Holy Spirit. When … Continue reading

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Do Christians need adult-size, baby walkers?

Baby walkers help Infants and toddlers Move themselves around Before they learn To walk on their own. They’re not designed As a replacement For learning to walk And shouldn’t be used By older children Or adults. Sometimes Christians need help … Continue reading

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Life is a journey, not a parking garage

Life is designed to be travel — a journey to wisdom. It was never intended to be a parking garage. The way you live is up to you. You have the power to use your life for love or hate, … Continue reading

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Learning Bible Info vs. Releasing God’s Inner Flow

The contemporary church wants people to know Bible info. God wants people to grow by releasing His inner flow. Spiritual maturity will grow only from God’s inner flow.  It’s not produced by the Bible lessons you know. People aren’t changed … Continue reading

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