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Wake up to heart-training

The living Jesus is the great Heart-Changer! We need to train our heart to continually open up to and surrender to Jesus. I woke up this morning with these thoughts being written on my heart: An open heart has ears … Continue reading

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Free gas for your heart-tank

If Jesus has touched your life that’s good. If it’s been a while since He touched your heart, you may be running on empty! Jesus offers free gas for your heart-tank. Let Him fill you daily! A Christian who keeps … Continue reading

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Be a Christ-carrier and let Christ carry you

If “Christ in you”Is true about youThat means youAre a Christ-carrierAnd you takeThe ever-living JesusWherever you go.” When we beginTo let the risen JesusContinually radiateFrom deep with usAnd to no longer accommodateThe world’s corruption,We’ll experienceA glorious disruption,An inner Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Heart experience or religion of the mind?

To believe in Jesus involves more than having your mind persuaded by reason. It’s to have your heart convinced by His presence. If your heart catches sight of the living Jesus as He stands before the eyes of your spirit, … Continue reading

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