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Wake up to heart-training

The living Jesus is the great Heart-Changer! We need to train our heart to continually open up to and surrender to Jesus. I woke up this morning with these thoughts being written on my heart: An open heart has ears … Continue reading

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Be led by God’s love

I wantTo be ledBy God’s hands,Not by my plans. Try this in a church service: put down the program, scratch the schedule, and see what the living Jesus can do! Anything that restricts the Holy Spirit’s freedom is a Spirit-quencher. … Continue reading

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Compassionate sensitivity (life’s ignored superpower)

It takes inner strength to maintain a sensitive heart. The weak attempt to protect their heart by hardening it. Compassionate sensitivity is life’s ignored superpower! Heart-felt caring works miracles! When life seems heartless, refuse to let it make you heartless. … Continue reading

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Marsh Madness

O, the glorious valueAnd amazing treasureOf every human being,Even when it’s unseenAnd unappreciated.Even people society rejectsContain the image of GodBuried beneath their brokenness,Yet still present in their pain.Love finds, beholds, and respectsThe Creator’s work and reflection,No matter how dim,No matter … Continue reading

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To be Spirit-led is to overflow with compassion

Being led by the Spirit isn’t an optional part of Christianity. It’s an indicator of who God’s children are. See Romans 8:14. Repentance and humility are how you make more room for the living Jesus in your heart and mind. … Continue reading

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COMPASSION Acrostic (Can we be cruelty free?)

Concern for Others, Mercy, Politeness And Sincere Sympathy, Interest, Openness, Niceness. When there’s no room for compassion to control the heart, cruelty creeps in. Much human history is the story of cruelty. Every murder falsely declares that human lives don’t … Continue reading

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More compassion would make a better & more peaceful world

Compassionate thoughts and feelings come from God. If you follow them, they will lead you to Him. A lack of compassion for others frequently cause us to get distracted by and entangled with self. Life is better when we choose … Continue reading

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