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The more I lower myself the more God’s power flows

The more I discernThe glory of the LordThe less my self-concernAnd the more I learnTo trust Him. The more I denyMyselfTo followJesusThe more ILearn to relyOn Him daily. The moreI lowerMyself,The moreGod’s powerCan flow. The more I hungerTo know God … Continue reading

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Grace isn’t an excuse for bad behavior (fake grace is)

Grace is not an excuse to do your own thing and follow your own desires. It’s the supernatural power to live a Christ-like life. Fake grace excuses sin. True grace gives power over sin. Christianity is good news we can … Continue reading

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News On The Street — (Sun., Feb. 26 @ Nashville’s Berry Street)

News On The Street from Sun., Feb. 26 @ B.S. Yesterday at Nashville’s Berry Street several people shared stories about how God has asked them to surrender various parts of their life to Him.  Near the end of the meeting … Continue reading

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