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Religious privacy goes against biblical Christianity

Little Jack HornerWent to churchAnd sat in the cornerHe stayed on his bumTill he felt numbAnd said,“What a good boy am I.” Church is too often a form of gathered individualism. People assemble in one place but there’s little openness … Continue reading

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Poems to spark a God-spark in your heart

A soul that sensesGod’s sparkWill seldomBe in the dark. When someone hasA twinkle in their eyesThat defiesTheir troublesIt’s no disguise.A spark from GodMakes hope arise. A single sparkFrom the living GodCan illuminateWhere we deviateFrom His will. Stir up the sparkOf … Continue reading

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Ever bedazzled by Jesus?

To behold Jesus,“Be still and know.”Peacefully ponderHis presenceWith your heartOpened to wonderAnd soon His realityWill manifestWithin and around youAnd you will beRapt in aweAnd wrappedIn ever-increasing glory.Behold the Lamb of God,Not just for a few momentsHere and there,But begin to … Continue reading

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Sentimental religious aspiration or dedicated discipleship application?

When you resistThe inner riversOf the Holy Spirit,You can cause themTo be stuck, stymied,Stalled and stagnantInside you.Instead, prepare the wayFor the Lord’s riversSo they can freely flowIn and through you.(“Quench not the Spirit.”) Sermon-hearing oftenLeads to aspirationAn inner wishTo live … Continue reading

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How to spiritually flourish

–Flourishing–O, to overflowFrom withinWith the fruitOf God’s SpiritSo that His natureAnd His actionsRadiate through meAs rivers of lifeNourishing everythingAnd everyone oneIn my path.

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Christianity as Spirit-led teamwork, not self-focus

Unquench the Holy Spirit and moving beyond selfie-anity . . . My passion is to seeMembers of the Jesus teamFrequently gatheringTo function all togetherIn one placeAccording to 1 Corinthians 14:26As the Holy SpiritInwardly prompts and directsEach person presentTo proclaim or … Continue reading

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