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The Ekklesia poem

Take a peek At the Bible word From the Greek Translated as church In English Bibles And let it critique The way we do church. The word’s unique. “Ekklesia” was the name Of the participatory And interactive Town hall meeting … Continue reading

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Awareness of God’s glory ads up to adoration . . .

You can’t express deep adoration for Jesus if you’re not intensely aware of His presence, power, and majesty. If your heart isn’t overflowing with adoration for Jesus, maybe you’ve only heard about Him, but haven’t actually encountered Him. If you … Continue reading

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Thoughts about worship / worship is beyond thoughts

To hear a talk about worship without expressing adoration to Jesus, misses the point. A Sunday program is a poor substitute for passionate, heart-driven adoration of God. Christian teaching “ascribes” glory to God but heart-felt worship actively adores Him. Worship … Continue reading

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Worship actively engages with Jesus heart-to-heart

When many people find church boring, they endure it. I’ve always wanted to open it up to Spirit-led excitement. If God’s not doing exciting things inside of you, Christianity will be boring. Anointed insights that God gives to the heart, … Continue reading

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Grace is supernatural, not superficial (beyond talk-based religion)

Grace gives people supernatural strength to live a holy life, not superficial excuses to live an unholy life. Faith without activation is dead. To walk with Christ we have to go beyond a talk-based religion. Don’t just be a cheerleader … Continue reading

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Worship? In mind and in method? Or in spirit and in truth? (Like an altar call.)

Worship?  In mind and in method?  Or in spirit and in truth? In Western Christianity, we’ve been trained to worship in mind and in method.  We’re taught to sit in a tightly programmed service (a method) and hear a talk … Continue reading

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Talking About Jesus Like He’s Not In The Room

This was inspired by Kim Walker with Jesus Culture lyrics to You Won’t Relent:  “I don’t want to talk about You like You’re not in the room.  I want to look right at You, I want to sing right to … Continue reading

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