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Christsanity (Christ-sanity)

HumanityHas toMentally battleFor sanity,To inwardly fightTo overcome frightAnd the dark nightOf the soul.The risen JesusIs the lightWho can lead usTo the delightOf Christsanity. Welcoming the risen Jesus into the building called your brain and the house called your heart is … Continue reading

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The call that’s out of this world!

The New Testament calls Christians the “called out ones.” That’s the literal meaning of the Greek word that is translated as “church” in most English Bibles. Christ-followers are called to no longer be conformed to the cultures of this world … Continue reading

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Be a Spirit-led Christian not a snooze-controlled one

If church would be as careful not to offend God as not to offend attendees, there would be massive spiritual awakening. When church sends people home after a sermon without facilitating heart-to-heart connection and sharing among them, it encourages them … Continue reading

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The Gospel announces God’s love, not “me to me” love

The Gospel (Good News) isn’t that you can love yourself. It’s that God so loved you that He gave His only Son . . .” Me to me love,From me to me,Stays stuck in me.Lord, help me seeAnd love bothMy … Continue reading

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Christianity is about individuals, not clones in religious institutions

Until we gather with and spiritually connect with Christ-transformed individuals, there will be little unity among Christians. When Christ-transformed individuals recognize each other there’s an instant sense of kinship and community. I sold black history books during college summers and … Continue reading

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Being real matters! (Being fake {like a tin man} won’t make it.)

People weren’t madeTo be like a tin guy.You know why?We have hearts to feelAnd tears to cry.Be real! When we’re hollow like a tin man, we feel empty. Be real! Jesus denounced role players and called them hypocrites. His Beatitudes … Continue reading

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Make room for Jesus to

Make room for Jesus.Unblock His wayThen go and doWhatever He may say. When there’sNo room in the inn-Er partOf your heartFor the risen JesusTo reign as King and Lord,Any Christianity expressedIs only nominal. Sermons without discipleship produce a sentimental Christianity … Continue reading

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Spiritual baby food is good for a season, but not for a lifetime!

When presentation and pretense are prioritized above the spontaneity of Christ’s presence, religious organization overrides the Holy Spirit. History reveals that when revival (a mighty move of God) starts, established churches work to curtail, coral, and control it. So many … Continue reading

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Amazed, astonished, & awed by Jesus!

I’m continually mystified–amazed, astonished, and awed by the living, resurrected Jesus. To encounter the awesome wonder of the risen Jesus is forever life-changing! To close your heart to Christ is not “self-protection.” It’s self-deception! Jesus fills my heart with both … Continue reading

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True worship: open hearts & radical honesty

–Wanted: “True Worshipers”– God is looking for open hearts and radical honesty. Now is the time to go beyond outward form and religious pretense — no pretending, no hiding! It’s time for heart-felt reality. “The hour comes, and now is, … Continue reading

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