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TWLTJ — Talk With & Listen To Jesus

Hello, Jesus,It’s me.I justWant to sayThank youFor listeningTo me todayAnd for showingMe Your Way. You can talk with Jesus anytime. Have an open and honest conversation with Jesus now. TWLTJ — Talk With and Listen To Jesus. TWLTJ insights transform … Continue reading

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“Let him hear what the Spirit is saying . . .”

A sermon that doesn’t help you hear God for yourself makes you dependent on a man. If Christians meetTo focus on and seekThe risen Jesus,God’s SpiritWill speakWithin them. Search: Beyond Church Ekklesia.

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You’ve got ’em (thoughts from God)

Thoughts from God aren’t hidden from you. When you don’t notice them, it’s because you’re hiding from them. If you begin to notice and focus on thoughts from God, you’ll begin to experience amazing new perspectives on life. Thoughts from … Continue reading

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How to hear with your inner ear

The Voice on NBC (Now Believing Christ) — Don’t miss the new season! Listen to the Spirit In your inner ear– In your heart And your conscience. Let Him make the Bible Burn inside you And come alive In your … Continue reading

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Faith Hearing (Meeting To Be Taught By The Spirit)

Faith Hearing Listening to God, Releases His miracles, When Christ-followers meet, Yielded and obedient To the promptings Of the Spirit That reach beyond Rhetoric, rituals, Rallies, repetitiveness, Repertoires, and religion. (“Does He who supplies the Spirit to you and works … Continue reading

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Powerful Words From The Book “Viral Jesus”

Here are some quotations from the book, Viral Jesus — Rediscovering The Contagious Power Of The Gospel by Ross Rohde: “Read through the eyes of a modern Christian, the behavior of the believers in the Book of Acts seems a … Continue reading

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