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The beauty of hearing beyond words

A lot can happenIf you will listenTo silence. Let stillnessSettle your inner storms.Then in the quietEnjoy the sweetnessOf peace. Be stillUntil the hushOf unhurried silenceOpens your heartTo awe. The beautyOf peaceful silenceIs beyond words. All isn’t quiet in silence.If you … Continue reading

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Revelation from God is like human consciousness

Revelation from God is like being conscious. You can’t prove it, but you know when it’s happening. Revelation is to see truth that you’ve been unable or unwilling to see. Lying demonstrates that we humans frequently prefer truth concealed rather … Continue reading

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Ponder, forgive, & live with hope

Pause, ponder, and perceive fresh inspiration. If you’ve never ponderedThe beauty of the sky,Give it a try.Let it get you high. Ponder, ponder,Let your mind wonderAnd you’ll grow fonderOf being alive. Perhaps our primary purpose is to ponder until we’re … Continue reading

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Take time to be silly & to ponder

Innocent silliness that makes people smile is always worthwhile. If you can’t find happiness in everyday moments, it does little good to pursue it elsewhere. Life’s full of currents trying to push and pull you. Make sure you want to … Continue reading

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Contemplate yourself to joy . . .

Life is happier when it’s appreciated than when it’s analyzed. The human mind can be both analytical and perceptive. We need both aspects. Too often inspiring thoughts pass thru the brain without getting to the heart. Like your eyes slowly … Continue reading

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Pondering what it means to ponder . . .

Efficiency without meaning accomplishes much meaninglessness. However, for those who like mysteries, life is an ongoing one. The more I ponder it, the more I marvel that I can think and perceive at all. To analyze is to attempt to … Continue reading

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Inner awe-ability

Ponder the aweThat stirs within youAt the sightOf nature’s beauty,Inner glimpses ofMajesty and splendor,Beyond all reason,Defying your logic,Intangible but stillDeeply and delightfully real.Cultivate that senseThat you feel inside.Let it grow untilIt dominates your dayAnd overflows throughContinual wonderAnd glorious gratitude. Copyright … Continue reading

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Need a life reboot?

When you’re continually bombarded by destructive words and images, refuse to be swept up in their raging current! Toxic people use toxic words. Hopeful people use hopeful words. When there is a system error in your heart, don’t shift into denial … Continue reading

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Why do we ask why?

Why do we ask why? What’s the reason That people reason? If there’s no Meaning or plan Behind existence, Then why do we ask why? Why do our hearts cry For purpose, understanding, Relationship, and love? Isn’t the search for … Continue reading

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What You “Like” Says What Kind Of Person You Are

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart” and the things I like on Facebook “be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord.”

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