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Your mental bouquet

Every dayYou pickYour own bouquet,WeedsThat plantThe seedsOf misery,Or flowersOf kindnessAnd hope. Filling your mindWith bouquets of weedsOnly succeedsIn making you miserable. EverydayGather good thoughtsInto a fragrantAnd beautiful bouquetOf inner peaceAnd make itThe centerpieceOf your mind. In a balanced bouquetAll the … Continue reading

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The mental wealth of inner health

True mental wealthIsn’t information thatThe mind has memorized,But a mindsetOverflowing with inner peace. Too much analysis can deconstruct awe and wonder and make you feel like your life’s just a blunder. Spiritual blindness may be humanity’s biggest problem. The ordinary-izing … Continue reading

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Contemplate yourself to joy . . .

Life is happier when it’s appreciated than when it’s analyzed. The human mind can be both analytical and perceptive. We need both aspects. Too often inspiring thoughts pass thru the brain without getting to the heart. Like your eyes slowly … Continue reading

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3 kinds of thinking: self-directed, distorted, & Spirit-prompted

There are 3 currents streaming in human consciousness: 1) choice, 2) confusion, and 3) conscience. Choice is self-directed thinking; confusion is distorted thinking; and conscience is Spirit-prompted thinking. Confusion (distorted thinking) entered the human race when choice began to override … Continue reading

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