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Biblical Christianity isn’t a theater. It’s a gym.

I was lying in bed from four this morning with a powerful thought running through my mind over and over. I was frustrated because I just wanted to go back to sleep. Suddenly these words came strongly into my mind. … Continue reading

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Jesus isn’t seasonal!

Timeless JesusEver freshAnd refreshing,No matter the yearLet Him give youA heart that’sBrand-new. If you don’t remainChrist-centeredAnd surrenderedTo His daily reignHope begins to drainAnd life becomes a pain.It’s essential toEstablish and maintainIntimacy with Jesus. A weeklyChurchy nodTo JesusIsn’t aLightening rodFor protectionFrom … Continue reading

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God always treats me better than I deserve

My life is fullOf gifts from GodThat I didn’t earnAnd I don’t deserve. My heart often fills up with undeserved joy. I owe God everything. I don’t deserve any blessing that He has given me. The more clearly I see … Continue reading

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Mercy on my mind, y’all!

Mercy, who needs it? Self-proclaimed good people who believe in their merit are unaware of their need for mercy. I know that I desperately need it. Lord, have mercy! Mental health? Giving and receiving mercy is vital to our inner … Continue reading

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The truth lies between grace and repentance

Lies deflectThe light of truth.Have the courageTo honestly reflectReality. Repentance is to“Walk in the light”And no longer disguiseOr hide your lies. Liar, liarTwists the truthTo hide the evil fireOf corrupt desire. Don’t leave your soulLaying aroundIn the sinOf lying. The … Continue reading

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Grace & labor

Amazing graceInspires and empowersGood works.It doesn’t replaceOr chaseThem away. Grace is free, but not unconditional. “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.” God doesn’t give you the light of His grace to hide it behind sermons and … Continue reading

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Astounding, abounding (and amazing) grace

To grow in graceWe mustContinually and humbly trustIn the working of God,Knowing that our effortIs mere dust.It’s not enough to discuss“Christ in you.”We must readjustOur lifestyle to His presence.

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