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One drink away

You’re one drink away from an incredible high–an inner spring gushing with phenomenal inebriation. Take the Jesus drink–John 4:14. That drink is served in the kingdom of God. Jesus stood up at a feast and shouted: “If anyone is thirsty, let … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A What Without A Why!

A person with no purpose wanders about as a what without a why!  A man without a mission meanders in meaninglessness. May the Son rise in your soul today!  Sing in the Sonshine, seek Christ everyday and try to live … Continue reading

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Church flows from the Spirit; it’s not produced by a program.

Church is God’s orchestra, playing His symphony, as each member focuses on, listens to, and obeys the Conductor — the living, resurrected Jesus Christ. Come and experience God’s orchestra playing in Nashville every Sunday morning at 10:45 as each member … Continue reading

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On The First Day Of Summer, Life’s Not A Bummer . . .

Summer time is finally here.  Today is officially the first day of summer, 2012  . . . “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” ~Anton Chekhov (Are you happy?) “I finally learned that within me there … Continue reading

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Go Beyond Facebook With Heartbook

Facebook stock IPO is for sale.  It is amazing what social media has done.  But what about spiritual media? Log on to heartbook — God’s spiritual media. Click the box that says:  “Keep me logged in.” The password is Jesus … Continue reading

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Does a dash of devotion do a living, omnipresent God justice? Doesn’t a living, present God deserve more than that? Does He who made us not have a right to 24/7/365 devotion — to an ongoing, continual expression of our heart-felt love and adoration to Him? Paul of Tarsus put it this way: “Pray without ceasing.”

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Just How Real Is Jesus?

Before the manifestation of matter, when there were no waves or particles; no electrons, protons, or neutrons; no light or sound; no nature or natural laws; Jesus was.  Before the stars were scattered across the expanse of space, Jesus was. … Continue reading

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A rock that rolled — an empty tomb — angels — a dead Man walking — Jesus risen to live forever, seeking to show Himself to you — May you have an Easter encounter with Him today; a glorious resurrection relevation. Happy Easter.

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Cross Ways — The Passion Of The Christ

Crucifixion is one of the cruelest forms of execution ever invented.  Its purpose was not just to put a man to death.  It was to bring extreme public shame and to cause the greatest possible amount of physical suffering. Crucifixion … Continue reading

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What If A Beach Party Was Conducted Like A Church Service?

On a beautiful, sunny day at the beach, would you rather:  1) Sit with a bunch of dressed up people in benches lined up in perfect rows while you formally sing Beach Boys songs together, then passively hear a less-than-exciting, … Continue reading

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