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The living Jesus gives joy / demons bring torment

Biblical Christianity’s about inner rivers of elation that flow from “Christ in you.” The joy that the living Jesus gives is beyond description. He frequently causes my heart to soar with elation. I love to bask my heart in the … Continue reading

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Right or wrong is more important than right or left

Too many people today have a wimpy conscience that won’t stand up to them and make them behave. The thought and desire to randomly shoot innocent people comes from Hell’s most evil, cruel, and grotesque demons. Americans need ethics, the … Continue reading

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Listening to the subtle voices of bad spirits causes much pain.

The evil in the world (& in our own heart) demonstrates the reality of bad spirits. Everyone is subject to the attack, torment, temptation, & seduction of bad spirits. The ultimate goal of bad spirits is the ultimate defeat of … Continue reading

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Awakening to mental health

Awakened with thoughts about mental health: Last night I posted this question on Facebook: “How much evil, craziness, and demonic activity will 21st Century America have to experience before we realize that we desperately need the help of the living … Continue reading

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Contemporary Quotes About Demons

Are demons (invisible forces that mess with our minds) real? : –Robin Williams said: “The demons are still there. The little voice saying, ‘You’re garbage, you’re nothing, you hear me, yeah’…he’s still there, believe me.” –Nikki Sixx said: “If you … Continue reading

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If there are no demons . . .

If there are no demons . . . then why are so many of us humans tormented by fears, worries, anger, bitterness, frustration, self-doubt, self-condemnation, distress, depression, and too many other negative emotions to list? If there are no demons … Continue reading

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Are Demons (Invisible Evil Entities) Real?

Here’s something to think about on Halloween.  Are evil spirits real? If you observe yourself and/or others you will notice that people tend to think tormenting thoughts, embrace harmful habits, and engage in belligerent behaviors.  We humans seem to be … Continue reading

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Who Dat? The Voice (It’s Really 3 Voices)

Who dat talkin’ in my head?  It is important to understand that the voice that speaks in every human mind has three sources.  (It’s really 3 voices.) If we miss this point we falsely think that our own thinking is … Continue reading

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WWJD? So What Did Jesus Do?

WWJD? Jesus wept . . . humbled Himself . . . washed His disciples’ feet . . . fasted from food . . . boldly spoke about God . . . broke traditions . . . challenged people to repent … Continue reading

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Source Of Tormenting Thoughts?

Everybody has probably experienced unwanted or tormenting thoughts. So how do thoughts that a person doesn’t want get into her mind? What is their source? One possible cause of tormenting thoughts could be a person’s own will, choice, or desire. … Continue reading

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